Deutsch of the Day

Hey guys.

Did you hear? Someone won the world cup.

And it was us.

In addition you may have noticed that we have to hottest team and fans, as well as the cup. Oops.

yo guys!

As you could’ve guessed already, we’re not active on here anymore.

Both members stopped working together, and even talking with each other so we don’t have contact anymore and this blog just keeps existing without actually helping anyone.

Well anyway, stay classy and learn german because it actually sucks.

XOXO, much love.

die Verlobte (n.)

- fiancé

Zoe is Judy’s fiancée. Zoe ist Judys Verlobte.

Remember when we were just being lesbians together

now we’re engaged

at least we get our shit done faster than clint and natasha eh

die Wiedervereinigung (n.)

- reunion

On friday Zoni and Judy celebrate their reunion. - Am Freitag feiern Zoni und Judy ihre Wiedervereinigung.

That sounds 1.000.000 times cheesier in German than it does in English. 
But yay, be happy, Zoni and Judy will share the same bed for 10 days. 

zerlumpt (adj.)

- ragged 

Welcome home, raggedy man! - Willkommen zuhause, ziemlich zerlumpter Mann.

die Zuflucht (n.)

- sanctuary

I will find sanctuary in your arms. - Ich werde Zuflucht in deinen Armen finden.

gute/schlechte Laune haben (exp.)

-to be in a good/bad mood

Ich habe gerade gute/schlechte Laune. - I’m in a good/bad mood right now.

Submitted by acquiredmind

das Kopfweh (n.)


Ich habe oft Kopfweh. - I often have headaches.

stark (adj.)


"…Tony ist stark!" - "…Tony is strong!"

der Kalender (n.)


In meinem Kalender sind viele hübsche Bilder. - There are many pretty pictures in my calendar.

der Aal (n.)


Lisa mag Aale. - Lisa likes eels.

der Affe (n.)


Mayleen mag Affen. - Mayleen likes monkeys.

die Kuh (n.)


Zoe mag Kühe. - Zoe likes cows. 

die Seifenblase (n.)

-soap bubble

Ein bestimmter Idiot wurde in einer Seifenblase entführt. - A certain idiot was kidnapped in a soap bubble.